Jim has been in business since 1972.  He began as an apprentice, learning the intricacies of antique restoration, inlay, veneer and marquetry repair, custom wood carving, furniture making, and related crafts.  Jim's abilities and his reputation grew.  Referred by satisfied customers, written about in area newspapers and magazines, and sought as a speaker in 1985, he was inducted into the prestigious American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

If you're accustomed to browsing area museums and antique stores, or have been in some of Greater Cincinnati's finer homes and estates, you're sure to have seen his work.  The Lost Art has a work ethic that we think says it all:  "Craftsmanship for those unwilling to compromise. By those who would never consider it.  "This doesn't mean they won't advise you do something you might regret later, just to save a few dollars.


If you already own a piece, make an appointment with Jim to view the object, get his recommendations, and receive a quotation.  He'll be happy to provide customer care and professional references, and show you before and after photos of similar projects.


If you are thinking of buying a piece that might not be in "perfect"  condition, you may wish to make arrangements with Jim to view it and advise you about the extent and cost of work involved.  Any quotation is without obligation, but a standard fee is charged for making such a trip.  This could be money well invested if a piece can't be properly  can't be properly repaired or it simply isn't worth restoring. 

As Proprietor of The Lost Art