Antique Furnishings Conservator and Lecturer:

Standing room only audience for lecture at the Taft Museum “Primer on Pampering” on care, conservation, and restoration of fine home furnishings.


Can speak authoritatively on

  • craft techniques through the ages

  • antique finishes and their identification and care

  • dating furnishings by the manufacturing process

  • wood species and their various uses


Has experience with

  • Various inlays from Flemish  to German Biedermeier veneer

  • French Gothic Renaissance to Empire

  • Italian Baroque to Art Nouveau

  • English Tudor Gothic to Victorian

  • American Colonial to Shaker

  • Arts & Crafts


Knowledgeable of furnishings that are

  • Period or reproductions

  • European or domestic


Specialties include

  • Carving

  • Inlay & Veneer

  • Dutchmen and butterflies

  • Saving old finishes

  • Refinishing without making piece look new

  • Color blending repairs


Historical pieces worked on

  • President Taft’s Desk – Taft Birthplace

  • Vice President Johnson’ (Lincoln era) desk

  • Dag Hammarskjöld’s Desk

  • Jack London’s Desk


Some interesting stories

  • Repaired one half section of a Double D table run over by a forklift truck

  • Repaired a dresser that fell off a truck on I-71

  • Restored a house full of Wallace Nutting Furniture subjected to hundreds of cats for years

  • Restored a burnt artifact from the circus train that was destroyed in the 1900’s in Terrace Park

  • Repaired a split piano lid


Noteworthy projects

  • Wooten Desk, Étagère, Table and Chairs from the Taft Birthplace

  • 15th Century Flemish chest with solid gold pulls

  • Biedermeier chest with Phyfe Legs

  • Carved desk of the Archbishop

  • Pig Carving on Herschede Grandfather Clock

  • French Paper Mache Inlaid table

  • Afghanistan Ivory and Olive wood Chest

 As a Speaker:

      45 Years as Lead Horse in the Carriage Trade

I am available to talk to your group or a show. 




  Suggested topics:

  • "Primer on Pampering" on care, conservation, and restoration of fine home furnishings.

  • "Expert in your pocket" What to look for when purchasing antiques.