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My path to this blog of poetry and musings

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

My trade as a wooden artifacts and antiques restorer and conservator has evolved. I am now semi-retired and hunkered down in new digs in a decommissioned Christian Church where I have limited human contact, atop a ridge, near the edge of civilization, just outside Brooksville Kentucky.

My shop, now functioning after #3 years of dysfunction - after a move, my health catastrophes, and other issues on a need-to-know basis. People still seem to find me, and I have enough work that allows time for spelunking in other endeavors.

That said, with what time that I have left, I have decided to edit and translate a pile of writing that I have been collecting since before the 1980s. There are as many as 20 boxes containing the spiral pads with my musings and poetry. I have been transposing the scratchings from the coffee-stained scraps of notes into something more suitable for the biosphere’s amusement.

Some of these writings just poured out the end of my pen. Others were a struggle. It is easy to tell which did and which did not. Most were like a visit from an old friend. It is I who has had the most enjoyment, editing these. Personally, I received the most pleasure out of the poems where I didn’t change a word. (You can tell those too.)

Jim Henninger

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