• James E. Henninger

How many wrongs will make a right

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

How many wrongs will make a right

Mistakes to have throughout a life

Before one is allowed the taste of peace?

I’ve always lived my life as real

But seldom was I allowed to feel

The way I lived was ever right for me

Others, all those in control

Never wise, but always old

Told me that I lived my life astray

Pleasing others was my fault

Self-importance conquers all

What a fool to care what people say

He could conform if he would try

No one knew what burnt inside

the desire to please but seldom knew the chance

all my life I’d strive to please

the others in control of me

a twist of fate, a cruel happenstance

I’ve now lived long enough to see

That most of those who pressured me

wanted me to be what I could not

Guilt has tempered all I would

I’ve done everything I could

I’ve bloomed late, though root bound in a pot.

Back off let your child evolve

Let his own worth be thus resolved

Love and nurture when they might oppose

Give space, and let the self come forth

Don’t lose your child provide support

Least they become another one of those

Jim Henninger

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